Jessica Marie is delightfully vivacious young artist that has by hard work and talent, established for herself a niche market painting personality portraits for the proud owners of dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, birds and any other type of loved pet.

With orders constantly pouring in and having to work in a small space, Jessica contacted us to find out if the ARTristic easel would provide a quick solution.

She also asked if it would take the smaller size canvas stretchers she predominantly uses when painting  her pop art "pet personality portraits."

"The ARTristic easel is a very impressive design.

"It's flexibility to adjust in multiple directions allows me to move around my canvas comfortably and paint at many different angles much easier than I could before. 

After seeing what she was creating we bought a canvas of the same size that she used, tested it and told her that it would indeed. Jessica bought one and this is what she said after only a few days painting with it.

Jessica Marie:
"Its portable, works well with a smaller size canvas and I can easily paint all the edges to complete the painting - I just love this easel"

To see more of Jessica's paintings and to read what their proud owners say about them please click on  the links below. 

*Get ready for a colorful  and happy surprise.

If you paint in a particular way and are not sure that the ARTristic easel could work for you, then like Jessica, please do email us and our designer/artist will at your request personally phone you to discuss how the ARTristic easel can help. This is a free service to anyone in USA, Canada or Australia.

I'm such a handsome  dog!
"The ARTristic easel
is fantastic"

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