*Bring out your hidden painting potential in ways that are
                                  not possible with traditional easels

4. Move artwork up or down and instantly lock into  
    place while you are painting  

9. Instantly fold the legs flat for
     storing or transport in any size car

7. Attach small and large canvases. 
   Drawing boards and white boards

11. Eliminate many painting aches and pains
6.Paint faster with increased hand and
   brush control, quality and precision​  

8. Move, tilt or lift the easel without
    paintings falling off or moving

3. Bring any part of your canvas directly to your brush
    at any angle you choose while painting  

15. Alleviate backache and totally eliminate the need  
      for kneeling or stretching when painting 

Designed for oil, acrylic, pastel, water color, pencil, scraper board, zentangle, illustrators, mandala and all types of mixed media artists
16. Create multi-height art displays in studios/galleries
2. Rotate your art instantly and hold it in any
​   position of the clock 
as you paint
1.Paint all  
   four edges
   of a canvas
   as you work.

"Now I can paint paintings of any size because it allows me access to areas of a canvas that I would not otherwise be able to reach unaided. Including all the four edges. I simply bring the canvas down to my level, tilt it back or forward to a preferred angle and  have total clearance and complete control to paint within my wheelchair. There's simply no turning back. The ARTristic easel is the best one on the market today for anyone with or without any type of disability that paints.

12. Sweep palette knives off all four edges of your canvas

5.Easily varnish paintings  without drips, sticking or runs 
 14. Remove all easel shadows from your work
"This amazing easel  has changed my life"  Steven Sweeney
 13. Have total paint control when using water colors

17. Stop worrying about it blowing or tipping over
"10 Things You Can Do With This Easel
  That Will  Help You Paint  Better"

10.Quickly and easily set it up without tools   
   "And Here Are 7 More Things It Can Do"
   "And If You Paint Sitting In A Wheel Chair....."
 "Is the easel you paint  with improving your art, or just adding to your aches and pains and always getting in your way?"
"I am getting great use and value from your beautifully designed easel. It has become quite a friend while my "old wooden clunker" stands abandoned. Let's be honest. Most easels are ugly and  cumbersome bits of wood and often with price tags to  rival those of fine antiques. I don't wish to buy a piece of furniture. I want an easel that is portable, easy to adjust and keep clean  and  one that  has full
canvas rotation, four side access and is light weight and durable. I also want a totally controllable vertical, oblique or horizontal work surface and to be able to attach drawing boards, wood panels or stretched canvas.

For me, the ARTristic Easel ticks every single box.

Denise Callaghan: Artist
Perth, West Australia

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